Empowerment and Creating Oppurtunities

At AE, we believe in empowerment and creating opportunities. Therefore, we have design a smart way to empower business partners to unleash their potential and create niche business for themselves within our business.

This is the networking aspect of AE, and every registered member, irrespective of whether you can network or not, is already a business partner of AE. But you can decide not to participate in it, and focus on your business, buying and selling. Simply register on our website and follow the due process and thereby have access to our products at discounted or wholesale price. In a nutshell, there are two parts to our business. One is being a distributor, where as a registered member, you can buy products at discounted rate. Secondly, you can network and gain additional stream of income. Either way, you become a business partner of AE.

Since AE wants their products to be accessed by the average and low-income earners, we have introduced a compensation plan for introducing people to AE and therefore become a distributor. Meeting customers’ expectation is imperative to success in all businesses and we are no exception. Therefore, AE’s distributors are direct selling agents who function as the frontline sales force of our company.

The Acute Energy Reward System (AERS) is structured to assist the common or willing people in the society, especially those who wish to purchase, for example, our solar systems but can’t afford them due to their low income.


How does this work?

For N10, 000 (Nine Thousand Five Hundred Naira), you can become a wholesaler or business partner of AE. We thus grant you access to all our products discounted at 5%. If it is your desire to take advantage of the networking part of our business, the process is simple. Introduce two people, and they will also introduce two more people who in turn introduce two more people and so on. (See below illustrative diagram) There you have a functioning business!

To put things into perspective and establish the legitimacy, every person who joins AE has the opportunity to build individual consumer-distribution structures. In other words, every participant of the network can have just two persons under him, as the video illustrates.

Our proposal in stages:

Stage 1

Everyone that joins AE starts from this Starter Stage. When you have completed your online registration, you are expected to introduce only two people for each account you register.

Immediately your registration is completed, you will receive a welcome pack.

Now as soon as you have six people under you, you have completed the Starter Stage. Then you will receive:

Stage 2

When 14 people under you have completed the Starter Stage, you have completed the Distributor Stage.  You will then receive as token the following:
  • N150, 000 is paid to your bank account
  • 7% discount off as distributor
  • One free solar system

Stage 3

When 14 people under you have completed the Distributor Stage, you have completed the Senior Distributor Stage. Then you will receive the following:
  • N250, 000 into your bank account
  • 9% discount as a distributor
  • Two free solar system

Stage 4

When 14 people under you have completed the Senior Distributor Stage, you have completed the Manager Stage. Then you will receive the following:
  • N350, 000 into your bank account
  • 11% discount as a distributor
  • Three free solar system

Stage 5

When 14 people under you have completed the Senior Manager Stage, you have completed the Senior Manager Stage. Then you will receive the following:
  • N450, 000 into your bank account
  • 13% discount as a distributor
  • Four free solar system

Stage 6

When 14 people under you have completed the Senior Manager Stage, you have completed the Director Stage, which is the final stage. Then you will receive the following:
  • N600, 000 into your account
  • 15% discount as distributor
  • Five free solar system
NOTE: After Director Stage, your first account becomes invalid. Our concept is one of mutual motivation and growing pace of growth of the network of clients. It is achieved thanks to mutually connected sum of efforts of all participants. However, this doesn’t mean that higher position guarantees higher share in earnings. Taking into consideration the fact that AE Systems reward the effects of work and not the occupied position, people located lower in the structure can receive higher commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Registration is by sponsors at a Fee $15

Name, Address, Phone number and Sponsor’s ID number.

We do not need any payment gateway for now all the payment is through local bank transfer. Paypal or other methods can be linked to the banks account?

The bonuses for each rank will be presented to then physically and if it’s monetary, via their bank account. All the users will have a local service office which is where they pick up their stocks so this same centre will be use to deliver their bonuses, they will also have option to monetize this reward.

The payout process will be by a withdrawal request and for the Admin to approve and process the bank transfer. We will set a minimum amount and 5% fee but will also allow them to use the commission to purchase our products.

There will be an e-commerce website for the product for the general public at large the prices display on the website will be retail prices but when a member is login the prices will be the wholesale prices.

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